Houstonia Bed & Breakfast (Dayton, Springfield, Columbus, London, Ohio)

Houstonia Bed & Breakfast, serving the Dayton, Springfield, Columbus, London, Ohio region

Step back in history into Houstonia Bed and Breakfast, to an elegance of an Ohio past when the pace was slower and Victorian hospitality a must. This Prairie Victorian here in historic South Charleston between Dayton, Columbus, Springfield, and Cincinnati, routinely (and secretly) played host to national politicians and gentry of the pre- and post-World War I era.

Located an easy 8 minutes south of Interstate 70 (Ohio Exit 59) and a straight 20 minutes north of Interstate 71 (Ohio Exit 69). You’ll reach Springfield from Houstonia in 10 minutes, downtown Columbus, Ohio in just 40 minutes, downtown Dayton in 45 minutes, or Cincinnati’s outer belt in only 55 minutes. 

Springfield, Clark County Fairgrounds and the antique malls: 10 minutes
London: 12 minutes
Cedarville: 14 minutes
Yellow Springs: 24 minutes
Xenia: 28 minutes
Dayton: 45 minutes
Urbana: 35 minutes
Columbus: 40 minutes
Washington Court House: 38 minutes